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the impact of our stories...

Mobility programs and services have interacted with and impacted so many different individuals across our communities over the course of many years - that impact is often difficult to quantify and translate to stake holders, community representatives, and non-traditional partners.


However, if we come together and share more of our stories, our interactions with the unique individuals we serve, and our observations we will be better able to effectively demonstrate community impact and just how valuable all of our mobility supports are and how needed our intertwined programs are by the communities we serve. 

The story bank below is part of a new comprehensive Story Writing Outreach project panned through the collaborative. This project is targeted at collecting and putting together information and stories into impactful articles covering a wide variety of mobility themes. These articles will then be used to create a multi-media outreach campaign including digital, print, news articles, video, and more. 

By sharing your story below you agree to omit personal client details to protect information and identity as well as accept the release and use of your story within the collaborative's mobility projects approved on a case by case basis by partners and the collaborative at large.

Please share below your memorable moments, information about how your programs impacted specific individuals, and unique stories: 

RTC Story Bank

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