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PAST 2020-2021: Donate it Forward Program

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Donate It Forward, Meeting Notes, Mar 12

Participants: Cindy, Carolyn, Marty and Linda

We reviewed questions Linda had posed in the initial email.

1.  What is the program?

2.  How to apply to participate in the program

3.  How often to pay out funds (monthly/quarterly??)

    --- Who will disburse funds; each indiv org or from one central fund

4.  Organizations to which funds can be donated...(NOTE:  I have a big list of possibilities I

requested from PATH. 

5.  Letter of introduction to the receiving nonprofit org 

1. What is the Program? An opportunity for volunteer drivers to make a donation to a

charitable organization (to include VolTran) by “donating forward” a “mileage credit”

amount of $.25 a mile, based on mileage driven during a specific time period. This

program provides an incentive for our volunteers to give back in another way. The

program is open to drivers from VolTran, Care-A-Van, LOWLINC and Rapp at Home.

2. How to Apply to the Program? Each driver to complete a form that indicates their

desire to participate; as well as identifying an organization of choice.

3. How often to pay out funds? Quarterly or each 6 months?

a. Who will disburse funds?

i. Our suggestion – one central office (RRCS) to cut the checks and send

accompanying letter to charitable org.

ii. Need Notification to driver at time of check disbursement

4. Orgs to which funds can be donated.

a. Linda to send list she rec’d from PATH; includes 160 groups

b. Discussion: 160 too many; narrow to 50 initially; expand list after first year?

c. Provide link of the list to drivers

5. Letter to nonprofit org (form letter?) that will receive check? Carolyn took this as an

action item to write the draft.

Further Discussion:


- What if we find a need for more than the 32K designated for the program?

Linda mentioned that it was possible to get additional funds from the RTC and would

talk to Kristin.

- Could we allocate a certain amount of funds to each of our 4 transportation groups; or

state a certain amount of mileage as a cap?

How to Apply: Create a template for drivers; keep the whole process simple

- Drivers could change their designated charitable org each quarter

- Provide link to charitable orgs

- Could RTC create a site that a driver could click and fill out info, which includes

notification that check has been cut?

How to track Mileage?

- VolTran and Care-A-Van drivers’ mileage is in Quickbase. This data will be pulled on

each driver.

- LOWLINC and Rapp at Home only send Marty mileage when using the handicapped


- Solution: LOWLINC and Rapp at Home send a list to FAMS each quarter/6 months of

drivers and total mileage for each?

Flow Chart? Was suggested a flow chart be created to describe the process.

Create a policy and introduce to drivers.

- Linda to create draft policy

- Decide how to introduce program.

o Each of the 4 trans orgs send info to their drivers.


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