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PAST 2020-2021: Donate it Forward Program

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Thanks for agreeing to participate in this RTC Focus group to plan for the Donate it Forward (DIF) Mileage program. I'd like to set up a meeting day/time for us to discuss to establish program guidelines. Is there a time on Friday, Mar 12th, that can work? I'm open all day.

Overview of the RTC:

The Regional Transportation Collaborative (RTC) was formed to bring our five-county programs under one umbrella in order to: leverage resources, foster partnerships, apply for joint funding, and coordinate fundraising projects. The grant request was written, and the RTC was awarded a PATH grant for 150K towards these efforts.

This slide provides the rationale for the RTC.

Our focus group DIF, falls under goal #2.

The above slide identifies the six Initial Groups for the funding! Our DIF project received $8,000 and would cover all transportation programs within RTC (Care-A-Van, LOWLINC, RAPP at Home, VolTran). It is based on donating 25 cents a mile for each mile driven at an estimated 32,000 annual mileage. All drivers are eligible to "donate" their miles, upon request, to a nonprofit organization or church.

Our job is to develop the program guidelines, which include items such as:

1. What is the program?

2. How to apply to participate in the program

3. How often to pay out funds (monthly/quarterly??)

--- Who will disburse funds; each indiv org or from one central fund

4. Organizations to which funds can be donated...(NOTE: I have a big list of possibilities I requested from PATH.

5. Letter of introduction to the receiving nonprofit org


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