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CURRENT: Annual Volunteer Event and Fundraiser

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RTC Annual Event Progress & Meeting Minutes


November 12, 2021

Save the date email for first meeting (Jan. 27, 9-9:30)

December 30, 2022

Email sent with timeline/checklist for event and repeating zoom meeting invitation - 4th Thursday of each month from 9-9:30am

January 7, 2022

Meeting time changed to 9:30-10. Ellen will be unable to attend for the entire time, but Ginny will fill her in.

January 27, 2022 9:30-10am

First meeting:

  • Attended by Libbi Moore, Linda Stouffer, Ginny Biggs, Ellen Phipps, and Lola Walker.

  • Absent: representation from RAH or LOWLINC

Meeting Minutes:


  • Last year’s total expense for about 100 people was $6128

  • $600 - Venue

  • $545 - Drinks

  • $903 - Food truck 1 - Sobo

  • $2580 - Food truck 2 - Divine Swine *overcharged

  • $550 - Dessert & Coffee

  • $700 - Awards & Employee Gifts

  • $250 - Music

  • Per Kristin, $8000 is budgeted for 2022 event.

  • Could be more depending on other grants RTC obtains between now and then


  • Each committee member will attempt to solicit 2-3 sponsorships.

  • Ginny asked for a list of frequent destinations. VolTran has one.

  • Libbi emailed Marty on 1/27 to ask for this info from Quickbase for Care-A-Van.

  • LOWLINC, and RAH do not have their ride data in Quickbase.

  • Sponsorship levels will be created next meeting

  • (3 levels - title sponsor, mid-level, and lower/$100 sponsorship)

  • not gold, silver, bronze, etc. - will decide creative titles in Feb.

  • Will accept all non-monetary donations as door prizes or gifts for employees


  • Active volunteers/board members from Sep 2021-Sep 2022 +1

  • Stakeholders

  • Sponsors

  • Event will not be open to public, but will be open to current volunteers who would like to bring a potential volunteer in addition to their +1

  • Entertainment:

  • comedian,

  • musician/band

  • possibly a magician

  • Photo booth at entrance

  • Photographer, or designated employee/volunteer to take photos


  • Potential dates: September 14, 2022 and September 21, 2022 (both Wednesdays)

  • Looking at Northern Culpeper/Amissville area for venue - winery or barns


  • Need total number of estimated invitees from each organization by next meeting

  • all drivers who drove + estimated new drivers from September 2021-September 2022 + stakeholders/board members

  • Suggestions for sponsors

  • Suggestions for venues

  • Suggestions for entertainment (band, musician, magician, other)


  • Photographer/photo booth ideas

VolTran44 total current volunteers + estimated 8-16 more recruits before September 14 or 21, + board, + stakeholders → 88 total + possible 16-32 more new recruits and +1’sCare-A-Vanpresent count for all volunteer drivers: Care-A-Van, RappRides, RappMedRides, and Food Collection is 75. So if all showed and brought a guest I would say 130. Some of our volunteers are married couples and this total is an unduplicated figure.LOWLINCHave 115 volunteers; about 30 came last year. Rapp at Home

February 1, 2022

Email #5 Sent. Monthly meeting date and time changed to the fourth Tuesday of each month at 10am. The following committee members confirmed they could make this new time:

  • Linda Stouffer - VolTran

  • Addell Russell - RAH

  • Lola Walker - Care-A-Van/RRCSB

  • Ginny Biggs - Aging Together

  • Julie Johnston - Aging Together

  • Carolyn Rourke - LOWLINC

  • Libbi Moore - VolTran

  • Penny Thompson - FAMS

Second Meeting - February 22, 2022 at 10:00am

  • meeting may last up to one hour in order to introduce all members;

  • Ginny Biggs will be unable to attend

Meeting Minutes:

  • Rixeyville/Culpeper Area Winery would be best

  • Old House

  • Gray Ghost - double check if they can accommodate 250

  • Prince Michel - expensive fee for venue alone. Ginny will send info on area wineries from her search with AT for 5 over 50 event. Prince Michel was most accommodating and responsive in her search.

March 14, 2022 - Winery Visits

  • Lola, Linda, Libbi, Sarah, and Terry visited two wineries. Both would be nice venues. Prince Michel is more formal, Old House is previous location. Still hoping for September 14 or 21st. Both seem to be easy dates to work with as they’re both on a Wednesday.

  • Planning to double last year’s numbers (around 100 people), so we are planning for about 250 people in 2022.


Meeting Minutes

  • Introduced Addell and Terry

  • Patty Hardee was present from ???

  • Drop the word sponsorship and instead look for donations from community partners and businesses we transport clients to, and others who serve seniors. We want to be sure we don’t compete with local non-profits by calling it a fundraiser. Instead of asking for sponsorship, focus more on engagement. Perhaps setting up a table, bringing their information, presenting, discussing how often we’ve transported clients to them, allowing them to thank our volunteers, etc.

  • Linda suggested a template for speaking points.

  • We’d like these businesses to see the number of volunteers who are participating in our programs, first hand.

  • Sarah - $400 for rental of Old House + $5 per drink per person. The issue with that is that if we’re expecting a larger group it would need to move; 130 is max number of people; Prince Michel asked that we hold our event from 6-8pm. $7100 for food, setup, clean-up, music. Doesn’t include any prizes. This is for 250 people. Food is $18 per person or $4500 for 250 people.

  • Kristin asked that we send a grid out for voting.

  • We need to visit Rock Hill Winery and any other potential venues before deciding on a venue. Brandy Hill Farm is an event venue per Kristin. Rixeyville Manor is possible venue too if we are open to non-wineries (suggestion from Libbi). Lola will call Rock Hill Farm.

  • Will send doodle poll for winery visit.

  • Each committee member will determine 5-10 businesses to reach out to so that we don’t overlap.

Action Items:

  • Doodle Poll & Rock Hill (and any other venues) visit

  • Determine 5-10 donors each that do not overlap

  • Template for speaking points


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