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CURRENT: Annual Volunteer Event and Fundraiser

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Update from Libbi 4/19

We have still not chosen a venue but we still have Old House as a great option. Here is what we can continue to discuss and consider:

Old House - it's lovely and affordable. We know it's a good fit for our group, and has a great, cozy feel inside of the area where we were last year. I'd like to set the precedent that we hold this event at a different venue each year, but if that isn't possible, Old House will be lovely.

Prince Michel - When Linda and I visited, the gentleman showed us a lot of options if the pavilion and patio aren't finished by then. He was concerned that the design wouldn't be what he had proposed to this owners, and that because they're delaying on beginning the project, it may not be finished in time. To us, it didn't seem like the right fit for our group. There would be tables along the sidewalks, divided by mulched beds and walkways. We are afraid that each group would find their own familiar group and not mingle very much. Perhaps once they have their patio and pavilion, we can hold our event there in 2023/2024.

Rock Hill - It's beautiful, but the venue alone is $3500. I called Collis and asked him to consider coming down on his price so that we could afford it, but he wasn't able to do so.

Rixey Manor - this is a venue we hadn't discussed, but its location in Rixeyville is the most centrally located venue for all five counties and is within our price range. To visualize this, we, of course, need to see it in person. Here is what our contact there, Quaid, said: "We have the perfect outdoor patio for your event. It holds up to 250 guests and has spectacular views of the sunset over the mountains. Our special events have an hourly rate. It is $400 plus tax and has a 4 hour minimum. Each additional hour is $150 plus tax."

When we discussed pricing at Rock Hill, we believed we could make it work if the venue cost was $2,000 or less, so $1,600 should also work and the four hours would allow time to set up and break down, as well.

I propose that if Rixey Manor or another venue ends up not being the right fit, that by the end of April, we choose Old House.

Mountain Run Winery - this was proposed by Addell I believe, in a previous email, and I'm waiting for a response from them.


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