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New & Renewed Partnerships

RTC actively works to engage with traditional partners as well as invite new non-traditional members to participate with the collaborative. 

Data Cloud

Data Collection & resource Management

The RTC utilizes a cloud-based data collection software to effectively manage resources and analyze needs. Mobility Coordinators and regional staff input a wide range of data on transportation needs, client demographics, and mobility activities across the region. This information is shared and reported as well as used to justify funding and locality support. 

Group Lecture

Community Presence & Engagement 

A dedicated and diverse sub-committee / focus group is working on finding creative ways to engage the community. The idea being that bringing awareness to the mobility programs working in the background of our community will help build awareness and value around these programs and services. Ultimately building a more diverse support group to increase the longevity of our support/programs. 

Organized Files

Volunteer Vetting & Data Storage

The Volunteer Focus Group is made up of several community based programs serving aging adults and those with disabilities. This group's focus is on creating a streamlined process for vetting and storing volunteer data, including the background check / DMV check process.

Image by Ryan Clark

Volunteer Recognition

& Appreciation

Providing recognition and appreciation to our volunteer programs in the region is essential, as their support is critical to our successful provision of mobility supports. The volunteer programs account for more than 200k annually in charitable miles driven and hours given providing rides to the aging/disabled. 

Image by Humphrey Muleba

GAS Card Supplemental


Gas cards supplements are provided for unique travel needs that are unable to be supported through public transit or volunteer transportation. Our program also provides gas card scholarships to individuals with repetitive needs that are unique and do not fall under normal guidelines.

Support Call

Paid Staffing Support

The RTC has secured funding to provide for multiple staffing positions all dedicated to providing mobility support services, building volunteer resources, retaining volunteer drivers, and providing outreach, as well as hours for three staff positions for supervision, grant, and fiscal management. 

Grandmother and Grandson


At times ride requests are received from individuals with unique mobility challenges, for example a resident is wheelchair only transportation and has a flight of stairs at their home; this necessitates the use of trained and insured professional mobility  transportation companies to provide physical lifting/moving of individuals with specialized needs. The FAMS Call Center is working to establish service contracts with two providers to ensure availability of supports for these unique needs. 

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