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...a unique community mobility model...

Serving Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange, & Rappahannock Residents

Efficient, complex, strategic and cooperative Mobility Management Model designed to impact transportation in the Rappahannock-Rapidan region; leveraging key participation and resources from transportation providers, agencies serving individuals with barriers to transportation, non-traditional stakeholders, as well as local governments to implement inclusive, wide-ranging, accessible Mobility Management Efforts.

...non-competitive programs and funding...

  • Filtered service model cultivates a non-competitive attitude among programs. 

  • Calculated conservation of resources. 

  • Leveraged implementation of supports. 

  • Creative and innovative strategies.

Public Transport Passenger

...a complex
collaborative strategy...

  • Utilizing fluctuating resources and participation.

  • Allowing partners to leverage or provide resources specific to their current abilities/needs. 

  • Efficiently coordinating efforts.

  • Meticulously tracking data.

  • Analyzing needs and impact.

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